Good Shepherd United Methodist Church of the North
Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Bring the presence of God into the community by living the example of Christ's love!
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We seek to bring all people to Jesus by being a friendly, Christ-centered community
offering God's healing, help, and hope.


Hello and welcome to Good Shepherd! I know this is nothing more than a virtual visit but my prayer is: that you will find here in these pages a reason to check us out in person. There are no visitors here, new-comers maybe, but not visitors because we want you to feel at home from the moment you enter. I believe Good Shepherd is not a closed group, to the contrary it is an open and welcoming body of believers and the moment you enter you will feel welcome. We are here to help you find an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. We define intimacy as a desire to know and to be known. We want to know one another as we know Jesus Christ, intimately. And we want to help you help others know Him as well!

Consider the Good Shepherd Vision Statement above. We WANT to bring all people into a relationship with Jesus. We WANT to be friendly people! We WANT always to have Christ at the center of our existence, our community, so we can do what we WANT are called to do! We WANT to offer God’s healing, help and hope! I know when I needed healing, help and hope in my life it was God who provided it. Nothing in this world, no other relationship, no substance, not all the money in the world is equal to the life-giving presence of God’s Holy Spirit in our life.


Now, take the time to visit the many pages of this website and learn about the many ways we are seeking to fulfill the vision God has given us. Look for the many ways God brings healing, help and hope to the Roscommon community, and the world beyond. When you have questions or need for more information, call us or email, and we will get back to you. But most important, please come and see for yourself. Good Shepherd United Methodist Church is the place you will find healing, help, and hope!




To email Pastor Jim just click on his name. Or, you may call him at 989-275-5577