Good Shepherd United Methodist Church of the North
Thursday, July 18, 2019
Bring the presence of God into the community by living the example of Christ's love!
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Faith Formation & Fellowship


Pray for one another
~James 5:16

As the family of God at Good Shepherd, we have the privilege and high calling of caring for one another. Prayer is a special gift the Lord gives us to help us connect with Him and others on our faith journey. The privilege of prayer is one of the most powerful and wonderful ways we can live Jesus' command to “love God and love others.

Your faithful prayers, either privately or corporately can help bring healing, hope, encouragement, peace, and new beginnings to those needing the Lord's love and care. The following ministries enable us to participate in making a difference in the lives of others every day and we always welcome more “pray-ers” to join us!

The Living Stones – This ministry involves praying from a short list of Good Shepherd members and friends during your daily private prayer time. Contact calls or notes to those on your list are optional. The prayer lists are changed once a year, and the next lists are coming in early August. If you are interested in receiving a prayer list, contact Gay Dimock at 989-821-6854.

Prayer Chain – When there is an urgent need and request for prayer, the prayer chain promptly forwards the requests by email. Requests are prayed for privately as soon as they are received. To join the prayer chain, the church office at 989-275-5577 or email:

Weekly Prayer Lists – Requests received by the church office are available at the welcome center each week, and are also displayed on the overhead during our church service. Picking up a list at the Welcome Center will help you remember to pray for these requests every day. Contact Tracy at the church office 989-275-5577.

Sunday Pre-Service Prayer in the Prayer Room - This involves 15 minutes of praying for the worship service and upcoming events taking place during the week. Contact Margaret Mowers at 989-366-9730 to be placed on the rotation schedule for this ministry.

Our prayer times are precious moments when we connect to the Lord and one another. Your requests are received in love and are kept confidential unless you tell us otherwise. We especially rejoice in sharing answered prayers and appreciate any updates we receive. Please join us in this wonderful and powerful privilege of prayer.

Faith Formation and Fellowship