Good Shepherd United Methodist Church of the North
Thursday, December 13, 2018
Bring the presence of God into the community by living the example of Christ's love!
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Prayer List

We are happy to pray for you.  We will keep these prayer requests on our prayer list for one month or as requested. 
If you would like to add a concern to our prayer list, you may call the office at 275-5577.

Concerns for Our GSUMC Family

  • Robert Box
  • Bill Burgei Burkland
  • Ted Burkland
  • Roy Delleree
  • Donna Furstenau
  • Harriet Hansen
  • Bob Mowers
  • Suzanne Reeves
  • Judi Riske


  • Kay Ferguson
  • Ann MacInally
  • Jim & Nancy Marks
  • Martha Van Voorhis

Concerns for Friends & Family of GSUMC

  • Amy (Mower's friend)
  • Michael Bair (Sandi Demuth's nephew)
  • Gene Byers (Byer family)
  • Cobe (Brinkman family member)
  • Jeff Dunaham (Udy's friend)
  • McKenzie Gallagher (Udy's friend)
  • Rick Gentry (Dave Gentry's brother)
  • Craig Gibson (O'Mara's family)
  • Deb Gregory (Garrison's daughter)
  • Jane Hankins (Edwards' friend)
  • Michael Herzberg (Herzberg family)
  • Kathy Malone (Delleree family)
  • TJ Murringer (Ewald's friend)
  • Kirk Schlueter (O'Mara's family)
  • Ardon & Nita Toland (Rose's friend)

 Prayers for Our ChurcH

  • Our Pastor
  • Our Church Staff
  • Bible Studies
  • Child Development Center
  • Community Dinners
  • Connect Student Ministries
  • Small Groups
  • Sunday School
  • United Methodist Men
  • United Methodist Women
  • Worship Celebrations
  • All Ministry Teams
  • College Students
  • Military Members & Families